Archive: Was life better before the iPhone?

This is a little nugget of tech resistance I wrote when I still had principles, (before I became another iPhone drone). Hope you enjoy!

iphone addict

Our species is becoming ever-more engulfed in technology and the endless possibilities promised through the internet. We are now in trance, attracted like moths to a flame, destined to spend many hours bumping our tired faces against the blue screens of our smartphones.  The internet juggernauts seem to endlessly expand, with more users, content and tactics ( bank of Facebook out of the question?) It seems we are powerless to resist…. 

Firstly one point that I feel needs making is just how much information the tech savvy generation feels comfortable sharing, just stop and think about how much information YOU might have gleefully punched onto facebook, twitter , tumblr and left the imprint …  forever.

Consider the up-roar Identity cards kicked up, thinking about how important privacy is (supposedly) aren’t you surprised at the exuberance with which people pour all their personal data into their phones. Happily and pro actively we now hand over a running history of everything we do, think, create, the places we’ve been in a  narcissistic wave of Instagram filters, all tagged and begging to found. #everyonemustknowwhati’mdoing ALLTHETIME! even our finger prints aren’t safe any more.

I admit..  Recently I’ve been thinking how convenient it would be to have that camera when I need it or that GPS, email on the move or funny cat video at the touch of a button.  And I’m currently considering buying a smartphone.. But Slow down! Do I really want to become another iPone douchebag? when I think of all I would lose if I just did everything on an iPhone,  I don’t think people really realise what they are giving up. Once converted to the church of Android they are doomed to an eternity gawping into their personal gateway…. Taken to another world of shiny mass media and cat videos.

Not to mention how lazy modern technology has made us. I remember having to use my brain to store important information I needed. Like phone numbers, addresses or what I was doing, but now I can release my brain from any real tasks  .. winning!

Maybe it is time to retire my brain, it’s done enough so far.. It deserves a break.  Would this take us closer to the sci-fi visions of a synthetic future, that occupied the Brains of many a 20th century science fiction writer? – The tech probably knows best, and will probably do a better job of my life than me alone…. But why do I feel a bit like John Connor? …..  F@#k the machines!

Telephones once were wondrous devices, allowing people to hold conversations across Globe. Ironic that smart phones are now responsible for killing the art of conversation in pubs across the land. 

The idea of just a conventional telephone is now so outdated it conjures images of big black handsets not exactly holding a thrill fro the new generation; weaned from baby hanger to iPad.  Old hardware like a land line will belong in sepia-saturated old photographs or buried deep in the back room, kept as a relic.

I will sign off with this, for all of you smart phone users (pretty much everyone)When you’re in the pub, restaurant, out with friends and you feel your fingers creeping towards your smart phone, just ask yourself this: Is whatever you’re about to do on your phone more important than the real people and moments all around you? What are you missing as the world moves past you in the blurry mid-distance? It’s hard to see past the bright logos and updating statuses but let’s not lose touch with reality. And if you are that guy who can’t leave his phone alone you will also become a rude, conversationally stunted douchebag. However I probably will still buy a smart phone soon.

Are you addicted to your smart phone? You can find help by cathartically sharing this article (try to resist the craving to use your phone)



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