Smiling Ivy – The Music Video

Courtesy of Smiling Ivy boys

Courtesy of Smiling Ivy

You may have seen in my previous post on the genius music video workings of Ham Pocket, now retired undefeated in the realm of irreverent dirty music humour. After this success there is now a new beacon of music video light emerging from dark underbelly of Sheffield’s SKA Dub scene: Sheffield boys Smiling Ivy will be releasing their first Music Video for One of the biggest and full flavoured tracks on the new EP: Gagging Order –

The mix of  creative, pure debauched stylings of the band folded into the creamy, professionally led – shoot – cut – edit to follow is something much like having Charlie Sheen organise your friday night – ridiculous, stimulating and inevitably dangerous, which has my mouth watering at the thought of it.

This new video offering is eagerly anticipated, not least because it has been shot, produced and cut under the careful eye of James Roberts, now a Lead Techie at one of Danny Boyle’s Visual FX companies in Soho. James or ‘Kneyhi’ is a long time friend and fan of the band and his expertise comes as a welcome addition to their first debut Vid.

Find their new Video October 19th at and be sure to get all the updates on ff and twatter @smilingivy



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