Conjure up some winnings : Poker event

Tucked away in the borough of London “Borough” I know confusing right? is a Mobile App creative agency, This company is one of the new wave of young and dare I say it..  ‘innovative’ businesses (so over-used but this company genuinely is)  headed up by a young MD and entrepreneur Sam Clark .. the company is mobile app designers Conjure   – very impressive as i’m sure you’ll agree , but what’s more important than the technological wizardry and sound designs… there is a monthly poker night held in the offices and it’s open to Digital media peeps, developers, designers and entrepreneurs.


I found this business through the recommendation of a candidate: A very plugged in Social media professional, and when I asked “what’s the  best networking event you’ve seen in London”  this was at the top of her list  .

And I have to agree…. This has got to be one of the most ingenious fusings I’ve come across… combining networking with a form of gambling is an inspired stroke for a number of reasons; the first being once people have been for a game, many keep coming back. Now speaking as someone who got the poker bug back in my student days in the dark underworld of Sheffield.. no, not Casino’s the unoffcial Derbyshire Cup actually (wooden spoon winner 3 years running). Anyway they keep coming back not just down to the innate nature of gambling, which has apparently shown some popularity to date, the real draw is you want to meet up with the people and personalities you met there the last time, not to mention, try and win back your £5 wager…

As someone that goes to many events.. and that’s not just me bragging ..  I can say under some authority that with many of these kind of events being so droll and lifeless it’s a refreshing blast of real people and fun. Infact in the more dark and depressing corners of ‘Digital networking events’ I have considered throwing any ‘internet enabled’ devices I had at the speaker’s head, and then diving through the powerpoint presentation slides just to spare everybody the misery of another soul crushingly patronising talk on revolution of social media.. yawn #twitterruinedyourlife

Also to Conjure’s credit this event has to be the best mix of laid back ‘getting to know you-style’ networking in a great environment. Combine this with 2 hours or more poker session .. and seriously what’s not to like?.. The beauty of this event has to be, even if knocked out nobody takes the game too seriously with plenty of laughter to had .. and copious amounts of beers and pizza to keep you going late into the night.

I guess what to take from this is if you want to make a successful networking event where people really get under the skin and keep coming back for more … up the stakes, literally.

To find out more about Conjure visit their new site  – also if you have any recommendations of the best networking events you’ve come across tweet me @markwears with hshtg #conjurewin


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